Hey there! So you are here because you’ve got a place fit for a concert, lecture, stand-up act or a play, and you want to know what’s the real deal here and how we can help you.
We realize that keeping a place for shows is super tough. It ends with warm smiles from people who had a great experience and it’s worth a lot, but it’s also a challenging job with a substantial financial risk.
We know because we’ve been there, in your place, handling all the complicated logistics and the constant doubt: whether enough people will show up, whether you will at least break even, wishing you don’t end up losing…
So you find yourself with empty days on your calendar, hosting corporate and private events just to fill up your schedule because something has got to pay the rent.
So we are here to help you host more shows that fit your venue, the kind your local crowd is asking and willing to pay for.

How has it worked till now?
Best case scenario you book a show after doing massive research. Most times, you follow your gut or feedback received at the end of the night (you’ve got to have this or that perform here…); and it’s all good. It works for you most of the time, but not always.

Because neither likes on Facebook nor streaming on YouTube give you the real picture of the demands in your part of the world. And you must have realized by now that even when hundreds of people sign up to attend an event on Facebook, and everything seems to be going great, you might find yourself with a place half empty. It’s a bummer for you, for the artist, and probably for the audience as well.

So this is how we do it:
A campaign on FanFund is the fans reaching out and calling the artist to come and play in a specific area. Starting a campaign is simple, quick and free of charge. It is based on the collective power of the fans to come together and bring a favorite artist to perform in their – your – part of the world.

Anyone can start a campaign for an artist in which the interested parties pledge to purchase a ticket for the show if it does take place, through providing contact information and payment method. This provides an accurate, real-time picture of the demand, backed by financial commitment, which eliminates the uncertainty on your part.

You decide the minimum number of fans required for a specific artist, the price range of the tickets (though we definitely can help with that), and the goal of each campaign to achieve the number of pledges set out. A campaign that reaches its goal can turn into a sold out concert!

Now here are 3 options:

1. There is a campaign started near you? The show fits your venue? do you like the style? Then you have an option to close down on a concert with minimum risk, and hey, you even save up on publicity costs! All you have to do is reach out to us concerning the specific event, and together we contact the artist, finalize a date, time and ticket prices; and then we invite all campaign supporters to convert their pledge to a ticket.

2. You have your faithful audience following you on Facebook and Instagram, or even the occasional newsletter. Now you can let them be heard! Just send a link to your profile on our website, where they can find all your running campaigns and obviously the option to start a campaign for a concert at your place. This is how you let your crowd influence the content they want and are willing to pay for. What about you? As soon as you see that a certain campaign has reached your requirements, you can finalize the date, time and ticket prices with the artist, and turn the campaign into a ticket-selling platform.

3. For a long time, you have been debating whether artists you really feel like having at your place are popular enough? Start your own campaign, send it to your community and see what happens. You get the picture… the right number of people join the campaign, you feel safe enough, we can close down the deal.

Note that a survey conducted by FanFund revealed that 70% of the participants were willing to join a campaign for their favorite artist. 82% of the respondents will commit financially to the campaign and buy a ticket for a show of their favorite artist near them.

How to join us?
Start by opening a free profile on our page, give us the necessary info on the place, send some good pics. and that’s it. Email us and will get back to you. We will be happy to get to know you, and are always here to help! hi@fanfund.live

Do you want to know more about how the magic happens? Here’s the detailed process:

A campaign is born…
A fan opening a campaign is a Superfan – someone who really wants to see the artist perform and took the initiative, time and effort to invest in the campaign.
The Superfan is responsible to spread the campaign once started to as many people as possible. We call this stage Demand Test, which serves to understand how many are actually interested.
A campaign which is rapidly spreading (and it seems enough people are interested) move to the Presale stage, where all supporters are asked to show their commitment financially with a symbolic campaign fee of 1.99 USD. This fee demonstrates their support of the campaign and also serves to guarantee a ticket if the show does take place.
But note this: the commitment fee will only be charged if the show does take place as part of the ticket price, and if it doesn’t take place – no one will be charged at all!
If the event indeed takes place but the supporter who has committed to buying a ticket is unable for some reason to attend it, they will be charged only with the commitment fee. Nonetheless, FanFund allows fans who have supported the campaign and secured a ticket to pass that right to another (through our customer service center).

How does it go on?
FanFund is a social platform based on the power of the community to affect its consumption of culture. And as such, we are big believers in the power of social networks to spread campaigns in order to reach a specific goal. Trust your audience, they finally have a voice and a means to express their demands – just watch how they love it!

What can YOU do?
You live in a community, in a certain area, where some of your family members, friends or employees might live. You communicate with them on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram, on a daily basis. They are the key! The message to the community is that they can make a difference if they unite and support each other and their common cultural desires. What’s better than finding out that your neighbors share your love?

Money time! Ok, it has grown … What’s next?!
Once the campaign has reached or nearly reaches its goal – there comes the time to finalize the details with the artist (just like you do now), and naturally let us know, so we can advertise the date and time of the show, along with the tickets price. At this stage, the campaign page turns into a ticket-selling platform.

An important notice:
Finalizing the details with the artist, the logistics and commercial aspects of the detail, along with any other production angle are yours and your responsibility only. FanFund is not in the production business and does not get involved in such considerations. We only provide the audience and handle the tickets sale to the specific event we helped come to life.

How does the ticket sale look like?
Customers will get the smoothest buying experience when the actual ticket sale is conducted through FanFund’s ticketing system. The fee for using our platform is 10% of the ticket price + 3% Internet clearing fees. However, we know some venues only work with their ticketing system. If you have such an arrangement, FanFund will be able to work with you as well, talk to us. We only ask of you to be aware that the campaign supports have the initial right to purchase tickets for the show. None of this would have happened without them… Therefore, if you choose to conduct the sale yourself, you are responsible to allocate them the first tickets. If the event has sold out in the campaign stages, another one should naturally be considered. We all want as many fans as possible to come to the concert.

When the ticket sale is conducted through FanFund’s ticketing system, the revenue from sales will be passed along to the artist/their representative as soon as possible (Back2Back and according to the terms and conditions of the clearing company minus the fees for FanFund).

Fun to Fan
Remember the Superfan? The one who started it all? The one who shared, called, sent and made it possible for his favorite artist to perform at your stage?
Here are some ideas to show them your love with the artist:
Invite them for a sound check; you might even consider letting them pick a song for the sound check?; Set up a photo op with the artist, you know nothing would make them prouder J; when the artist talks on stage, they can thank the Superfan for bringing them (this might turn out to be the most exciting moment of the fan’s life!); at the end of the show give the Superfan the set-list for the stage; or you could opt for a more typical gift: a signed T-shirt/album/poster…