We realise that running a performance venue is super tough. Yes, evenings that end with good vibes from people who have had a great experience are worth a lot, but it’s also a challenging job with a substantial financial risk.

We know because we’ve been there, in your place, handling all the complicated logistics and the constant doubt about whether enough people will show up. So we are here to help you host more shows that fit your venue, the kind your local crowd is asking and willing to pay for.

How has it worked until now?

Most of the time, you book a show after doing some research, you follow your gut feeling or requests received at the end of the night (you’ve got to have this or that artist  perform here…), and it’s all good. It works for you most of the time, but not always.

So you break even on one event, lose some on another and win some on a third. We can help you do better.

You must have realised by now that even when hundreds of people click ‘GOING’ on the Facebook event page, and everything seems to be going great, you might find yourself with a place half empty. It’s a real financial problem for you and for the artist, and a bummer experience for the audience as well.

So this is how we do it:

A campaign on FanFund is the way for venues and artists to verify the real demand for a show in a certain place.  

Starting a campaign is simple, quick and free of charge. Each campaign is based on the collective power of the fans to come together as a community and give their favourite artist the security they need to set a date for a show.

You decide the minimum number of fans required for a specific artist at a certain price point to minimise your risk.

For example, you have your faithful audience following you on Facebook and Instagram, signed up to your newsletter. Now you can let them be heard! Just send a link to your venue profile on the FanFund website, where they can find all your running campaigns and help you decide which shows to book. 

This is how you let your local crowd influence the content they want and are willing to pay for. 

You get the picture… the right number of people join the campaign, you feel safe enough, you can book the show with less risk and minimum marketing costs.

Note that a survey conducted by FanFund revealed that seventy percent of  participants were willing to join a campaign for their favourite artist. Eighty-two percent of  respondents will commit financially to the campaign and buy a ticket for a show by their favourite artist near them.

How to join us?

Start by opening a free profile on our page, give us the necessary information on the venue, send us some good pics. and that’s it. Email us and we will get back to you. We will be happy to get to know you, and are always here to help!