Terms of use

Effective September 17th, 2018.

All sections of these terms of use (“Terms“), including the terms set forth in the privacy policy (“Privacy Policy“) of FanFund Ltd. (“FanFund“), are applicable to all the services provided by FanFund through its website, its mobile application and/or any other platform (“Services“). These Terms may be revised from time to time by FanFund, and the revised Terms will be effective upon posting on its website.

Accepting the Terms of Use

By registering at FanFund’s website (“Website“) and using its Services, the users (“Users“) are accepting the Terms and the Privacy Policy of FanFund. Users who do not accept these Terms and/or the Privacy Policy, are not authorized to use the Services, and must cancel their FanFund’s accounts. After amending the Terms or the Privacy Policy, the revised version will be posted at the Website, and by continuing to use the Services, the Users will be considered as having expressly accepted all amendments to the Terms and Privacy Policy.


Account Registration

    1. FanFund’s Services are open to all Users without religious, racial, age and sexual discrimination.
    2. In order to use the Services, each User needs to register and open an account at FanFund’s Website (“Account“).
    3. Registration at the Website is available for any User above the age of 18.
    4. Each User is solely responsible for his/her Account and all the activity in it. Each User shall provide true, accurate and complete information and will keep all the relevant passwords secured. In any case of a potential information breach, the User should contact support@fanfund.live.
    5. FanFund shall not authorize any usage of insulting names and/or improper language.
    6. FanFund may limit, block, remove or delete User’s Account, under its sole discretion, in the event the Terms are violated. Deleting an Account does not include deleting any information in the relevant Account.  


User’s Behavior

      1. FanFund expects all its Users to respect all other Users, the artists, and the venues and to avoid any forms of violence.
      2. Any improper behavior of the User will lead to blocking and/or deleting the Account, and such User shall not have access to any of the Services.  


Opening a Campaign

    1. Each User can create a campaign for any type of future live show including music, dancing, standup, lectures, artist meeting, theatre, etc. (“Campaign“).
    2. FanFund is not obligated to approve any Campaign under its sole discretion.
    3. The details and content of the Campaign, including its relevant targets, are determined by FanFund under its sole discretion, according to various sources generated by FanFund.


Promoting the Campaign

    1. FanFund’s platform is a social platform, which is based on crowd’s funding. The responsibility for promoting the Campaign is on the Users.  
    2. FanFund is not responsible on the progress of the Campaign and whether it will meet its targets.
    3. Reaching the minimum number of Users for a specific Campaign does not guarantee that the Campaign will lead to actual live show (“Live Show“), since the existence of a Live Show is subject to additional considerations (such as the availability and willingness of the artist, venue availibity, etc.).
    4. In the event a Campaign will not lead to a Live Show, from any reason, the relevant Users will not be charged.
    5. FanFund only connects between the Users and the production entity, but FanFund is not  a production company, therefore FanFund shall assume no responsibility whatsoever regarding any aspects of the Live Show including: the date, tickets prices, the relevant venue, the quality of the Live Show, the content, time schedule, etc.  


Campaign’s Funding and Purchasing Tickets for the Event

    1. Any User who would like to support a Campaign, will provide the relevant form of payment, and will pay the requested amount (defined by the Campaign), which will be used as a pledge for purchasing tickets for the Live Show (to the extent the Campaign will ultimately turn into a Live Show)(the “Support Amount“).
    2. In the event the Campaign will lead to a Live Show, any User who pledged the Support Amount and the transaction confirmed is entitled for ticket/s for the Live Show (“Ticket“), 
    3. The Support Amount will be charged only after the Campaign has reached its targets and Tickets are being sold to the relevant Live Show.
    4. The Users who supported this Campaign, will receive a notice that they entitled for the Tickets to the Live Show.
    5. FanFund may limit the number of Tickets to be sold to each User, subject to its discretion and limitation of the production company.
    6. User who decided not to use the Tickets for the Live Show, will not be charged any additional amount, but the Support Amount that was paid by such User will not be refunded. A User may request transferring the ticket to a different person using the customer service service@fanfund.live
    7. The price of the Ticket to the Live Show does not include 5% (five percent) of internet collection fee, but it includes all other fees and charges (including all relevant taxes and FanFund’s commission fee), and no other fees shall apply.


Usage of Additional Materials

    1. FunFand may include in its Website additional materials including links to Facebook pages of artists and venues, profiles and posts in social media, etc. FanFund shall have no responsibility for any activity outside its Website, and when the User is directed to such links, FanFund shall have no responsibility for any interaction between the User and the relevant website of the link.  
    2. FanFund may use in its Website, among other things, images and digital materials, which are available in the internet for public use. In the event FanFund will be requested by the legal owner to remove any image or other material, FanFund will cooperate and remove the relevant material from its Website. In the event artists or venues will post materials to FanFund’s Website, FanFund will not be responsible for any violation, if any, regarding the copy rights of such materials, in case the persons who posted the materials did not apply the relevant measures (e.g. obtaining permission, giving credit to the photographer, etc.).


Full Discretion

FanFund has full discretion regarding operating its Website and providing its Services. FanFund is authorized, among other things, to make any changes in its Website and in the Services, to limit, remove and cancel any Account, to amend and stop every Campaign and to take any other action, as FanFund deems is necessary, under its sole discretion.


Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights of FanFund featured or displayed via the Services, are the sole property of FanFund and are protected under all applicable copyright, trademark, or any other patent laws. Such intellectual property rights include but are not limited to: logos, trademarks, service marks, trade names, design, structure, code, algorithms, scripts, text, graphics, photos, images, videos, audio, sound, illustrations, interfaces, applications, interactive features and all other software data (“Intellectual Property“). The license to use the Services is limited to personal use, non-exclusive, non-transferrable and for non-commercial use only. FanFund does not transfer any title to the Intellectual Property to any User. The Users may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise attempt to discover any source code, remove, redistribute, sell, assign, transfer any right in, lease, grant any security interest in the Intellectual Property.


Privacy Protection

    1. FanFund is using its best efforts to protect the privacy of its Users in accordance with its privacy policy at http://www.fanfund.live/privacy.
    2. FanFund operates under the relevant privacy laws in Israel, USA and the European Union (GDPR).  


Responsibility Limitation and Indemnification

    1. FanFund shall not be liable for any direct, special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages, including but not limited to any lost profits, business interruptions or lost data, that result from the use of the Services.
    2. FanFund is using its best efforts to provide the Services at the highest level, but FanFund does not guarantee that its Services will be free of any defects, and it will make any effort to fix any defect as soon as possible.
    3. The Website and the Services are provided on AS-IS basis, and no additional representations and warranties are provided by FanFund.
    4. Any User who caused damage to FanFund, due to violation of the Terms or by any other way, will indemnify FanFund and hold it harmless form any damage caused by such User.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

    1. FanFund is an Israeli company and the Israeli law shall apply to the Terms.
    2. The applicable courts in Tel Aviv, Israel shall have an exclusive authority to resolve any issues regarding the Terms and/or the Privacy Policy.