Who can start a campaign?

Anyone can start a campaign – it can be you as a fan; it can be the artist who likes to engage the fans in show tour planning; it may be your local venue who wants to check the local demand for a certain show.

How do I start a campaign for my favorite show?

By the top banner of every page, there is a yellow plus. Clicking it will start a short registration and campaign details process. Hit submit and our team will make sure we have all the information and approve the campaign.
Congrats! you are a SuperFan!

What is the campaign process?

After the campaign is approved and published you start to engage your friends, classmates, colleagues, family in any way you like: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email, mail pigeons 🙂 The more pledges to a campaign, the higher success chances.

We at FanFund are doing everything we can to turn your pledges to an actual show. Date & venue will be decided by the artist and hey, look at you! you took part in seeing your favorite show production!

All the FanFunders will be notified on the exclusive pre-sale for pledgers only – get your ticket minus the pledge amount

If I pledged and can’t make it?

First of all, we are sorry for you that you are going to miss that 🙁
If you like to transfer your ticket right to someone else, we will be happy to take care of it with our customer service: hi at fanfund.live
If not, at least you helped your guys to see a show they wanted – you will be charged the pledge amount only.

Can a campaign hit the target and still no show?

Show production is a very complex process that has many moving parts. It is possible that even with your support and the artist will, the schedule or other considerations will prevent the show from happening. In that case, you will not be charged at all.

 Can I start a campaign only for music concerts?

Most definitely not! a campaign can be for a comedy act, lecture, workshop, theatre, dance – every live cultural encounter of audience and content maker

 Can I add a good cause for a campaign?

FanFund is a social platform that wants to make a difference. Supporting good causes is blessed and every campaign can add a good cause that the artist supports as well.

 How much time would it take the show to take place after hitting campaign target?

It really depends on the artists’ considerations and timeframe – a show can take place a couple of days after the campaign ended or it can take months. Unfortunately there may be cases that it cannot happen at all in the upcoming year and then the campaign will be canceled and all the funders will not be charged.

 In which venue the show will take place?

FanFund offers the artist relevant venues in the requested campaign area, the choice eventually is of the artist. If a campaign was initiated by a venue, naturally it would take place there.

 Why do you ask for payment method details?

Live shows are the main livelihood of artists. In order to be realistic when planning a show, we are providing artists with data on the number of pledged funders. We are not sending your credit card details to anyone, they are stored and protected by the highest data security standards. In any way, your card will not be charged until ticket sales begin after a successful campaign.