Live shows are a unique experience and an important pillar of culture within a community.
They are also a risky business for artists and local venues outside of the big cities.
We aspire to bring more culture to more communities outside of the primary markets.

We provide Community Event Managers, Event Directors, student culture board members, music offices, and other community hubs that are in charge of local live shows and cultural events with an engaging online platform for their audience.

We offer Community Event Managers to use the FanFunds’ platform to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of what their community wants to see live
  • Book the right shows and mitigate risk
  • Raise the initial funding for these events
  • Optimise the use of the events budget
  • Empower the community to request the culture they want – democratising culture


We witness the power of fans to engage their community and make cultural wishes come true by using our platform.
We have heard from artists how pleasantly surprising the vibe of the fans in those community-generated shows is, giving them a different energy.

By saving fans from having to travel to enjoy a live, cultural show they want [and are willing to pay for], be it a music concert, an hilarious comedy show or an inspiring talk, we are saving them time and money and saving our planet from a massive ecological footprint.
It is way more sustainable to have a performing band of six people travel to perform for hundreds or thousands of fans in their community, than to make the much larger fan group travel great distances to see the show.

If you believe that live culture is an important part of life, and should be accessible to more people, while understanding that artists and venues must reduce financial risk to serve their fans in distant communities – you belong with us at FanFund, making culture powered by people.