Hey there, so you are here because you have heard about us, it sounds cool and interesting, and now you want to know what’s the real deal here and how we can help you.
So here it goes: we realize how complicated is the process of putting up a concert, not to mention a tour. FanFund was founded to help you – artists, managers, booking personnel – test the actual demand for an artist, optimize the planning process, minimize risks and cut down on marketing costs.

This is how we do it:
A campaign on FanFund is the fans reaching out and calling the artist to come and play in a specific area. Starting a campaign is simple, quick and free of charge. It is based on the collective power of the fans to come together and bring a favorite artist to perform in their part of the world.

Anyone can start a campaign for an artist in which the interested parties pledge to purchase a ticket for the show if it does take place – which provides an accurate, real-time, picture of the demand, backed by financial commitment, which eliminates the uncertainty on your part.

Note that a survey conducted by FanFund revealed that 70% of the participants were willing to join a campaign for their favorite artist. 82% of the respondents will commit financially to the campaign and buy a ticket for a show of their favorite artist near them.

Fans are not the only ones who can start a campaign, you too! Artists, managers, booking personnel, who wish to test the demand for a certain show, can do it without prior financial commitment (such as down payment for a stadium, media budget, etc.). For instance:
Would you like to know if there is a demand for a concert on a  specific town or county?
Are you planning a tour and our left with two dates available?
Are you planning on performing abroad?

You set the goal, the ticket price (keep it realistic); and FanFund will provide the details on the actual demand – on how the audience’s love for you can be converted into selling actual tickets! (And no, likes on Facebook are hardly enough). The object of each campaign is to reach the goal of a specific number of supporters. A campaign that reaches its goal can turn into a sold out concert!

Give us a shout at hi@fanfund.live  We’re here to help!