Hey there, 

If you are [or work with] a musician, comedian, public speaker, actor, documentary filmmaker, or any other stage performer,   you will realise how complicated the process is of putting on a live show, not to mention a tour, and so do we. 

FanFund was founded to help you – artists, managers, booking agents – check the actual demand for a show, optimise the planning process, minimise risks, cut down on marketing costs and engage your fanbase.

Our crowdfunding technology aggregates community-based data that reflects local demand to artists and venues, provides the initial funding and enhances fan engagement.  

This enables our clients to improve the predictability of success, manage risk, and plan smart. Everybody wins.

Starting a campaign on FanFund is quick and free of charge. Each campaign is based on the collective power of the fans to come together, share within their community and bring a favourite artist to perform in their part of the world.

Every campaign provides the artist, or their representative,  accurate, real-time, demand data, backed by financial commitment, which eliminates  uncertainty on their part.


Note that a survey conducted by FanFund revealed that seventy percent of  participants were willing to join a campaign for their favourite artist. Eighty-two percent of respondents  pledge to campaign for a show by their favourite artist near them.

Questions you can ask us:

  • What is the demand for a concert in a  specific town or region?
  • Are you planning a tour and still have available dates? 
  • Where to go?

You set the campaign pledge target, engage your fanbase using your social media/newsletter and FanFund will provide you with details about the actual demand – on how the audience’s love for you can be converted into selling tickets!

Want to learn more? Give us a shout at artists@fanfund.live.  We’re here to help.