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Prof. Yoram Yovell

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Be'er Sheba
שם האולם יפורסם בתום הקמפיין על פי החלטת האמן
December 18th 2018, Doors open: 8pm

About the talk

What is love? the best of the happiness studies

Prof. Yoram Yovell

Prof. Yovell is a psychiatrist and brain researcher. The wide range of his knowledge fields are amazing and making him an outstanding persona. In addition to his knowledge, maybe not less important is his ability to make these complicated topics accessible to the public.

I have no doubt that his talk will be no less than fascinating.

A few words to Prof. Yovell:

I got to know you from your books and TV shows. I see your talks in the central area of Israel quite often and it is very important for me to have such high-quality talks in the Southern capital, Be’er Sheba. Unfortunately, not a lot of talks reach Be’er Sheba although the public here is thirsty for knowledge. People who can afford it, are driving to Tel Aviv, but a lot of people, like students, cannot do that, so your arrival to Be’er Sheba will serve a lot of people.


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Prof. Yoram Yovell
Be'er Sheba
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