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Hector Garcia

    Central Israel
    שם האולם יפורסם בתום הקמפיין על פי החלטת האמן
    January 14th 2019. Doors open: 20:00
    Ticket price range:
    150-180 ILS
    Ticket price range: 150-180 ILS
    Good Cause:
    *Raising awareness to PTSD*

About Dr. Garcia's talk

Dr. Garcia's TED talk

Hector Garcia

Dr. Hector Garcia is one of the world’s renown psychologists focusing on PTSD treatment. The desired speaker which his TED talk is considered one of the most influential and inspiring in this field.

We like to invite Dr. Garcia to speak with the Israeli audience: veterans, civilians who are terror acts victims or living in under-fire regions like the south and north of Israel, professional audience of therapists, psychologists, non-profit organizations active in this field, Ministry of Defence, members of the press, and anyone with interest in this field.

Dr. Garcia was excited and happy by the option to come to Israel and see his talk like a true mission to help people. The talk will be in English, followed by a couple of Israeli speakers who will share their treatment experience.

Talk title: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: An adaptation, a psychopathology, and training- based psychotherapies. Hector A. Garcia, Psy.D.

Although war has been frequent across our history as species, we have only recently been able to successfully treat its psychological outcome—posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Today, evidence-based psychotherapies for PTSD can eliminate the disorder in military and civilian populations. But PTSD is also an adaptation that helped our ancestors survive dangerous environments. Understanding PTSD’s evolved purpose helps us to engage veterans who may view seeking treatment as a weakness, and to understand how the most effective treatments for combat-related PTSD require training in how to return to civilian life.

Photo: Steve Noreyko


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Hector Garcia
Central Israel
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