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Alma Zohar

    Western Galil
    שם האולם יפורסם בתום הקמפיין על פי החלטת האמן
    November 2018
    Ticket price range:
    Ticket price range: 80-100

Everybody loves Alma!

A few words

Alma Zohar

We love Alma Zohar, she is one of the most unique artists in Israel, with her special voice color. We want her to perform here, close to us in the Galilee, so we started this social campaign, to show her our love.

If enough people from our community will join, we will be able to invite her.

It doesn’t cost anything to show your demand, join the campaign and let’s bring Alma!

Vocals & Guitar:
Alma Zohar
Nushi Paz
Keren Teperberg
Bass :
Dan Ayalon

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Alma Zohar
Western Galil
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